The Caribbean


George Town View, Grand Cayman by Debbie Chase van der Bol



Debbie Chase has lived and worked on the island for well over twenty years, and this history and deep understanding of the islands gives her paintings an unmatched credibility amongst the hundreds of other wannabe artists who line Seven Mile Beach and bric-a-brac shops littered all over the island.   Debbie's sense of reality (or is it humour) is aptly demonstrated in this painting through the inclusion of a cruise ship anchored in George Town harbour.   This demonstrates perfectly the juxtaposition of the coral sand beaches, known for their beauty (and abundance of tame stingrays) and the effects of mass tourism.    




George Town by Joanne Sibley


Joanne's Sibley view of George Town couldn't be more different to Debbie Chase's interpretation.  Here, we see a romantic, peaceful and unfettered view of George Town harbour, long before the intrusion of big business and tourism.   This is what we love about art at TJMG - the same location, almost the same view, probably painted at the same time - yet two painting that are so strikingly different.



Seven Mile Bay by Joanne Sibley



This is another dreamy and serene painting by Joanne Sibley that invites us to enjoy the solitude and peace of Seven Mile Beach.   I dare say that Debbie Chase would have a different interpretation.  Nevertheless, this is a wonderful bay and if you are there on the right day and at the right time, Joanne's painting does this beach justice. 



Tango by Alphanso Blake


I suppose the title of this painting gives the game away.  "Cubism" is a style favourited by Picasso but its roots go back to Cezanne.  By breaking the surface of the canvas into a small number of areas, the composition is created almost like a jigsaw.  Without knowing the title of this work, you would probably be hard pressed to identify what the painting depicts.    We were very lucky to acquire this original during a visit to Jamaica in 2005.